When Ato Solomon Adamu founded “SOLOMON General wood work enterprise” in 1991, the enterprise management system was wholly conducted by the owner himself through hiring 6 employees on contract basis. He has been dreaming to produce quality furniture and develop customers’ satisfaction through efficient services provision indoor and outdoor works. Before the commencement of the enterprise he was retailing wooden products around “Megenagna” area. The owner was developed woodwork skills and gifted craftsman with a vision for providing unique furniture products design with better customer service.

Solomon’s insight led to furniture design that was far ahead of their time. During the time he was among the https://chiefessays.net/ first to recognize the impact of technological change to set up and introducing modern furniture and wooden products processing plant in the earlier years.

The principles of adjustability, efficient shapes and design for technological change become the core value at all time. To augment the productivity, and ensure quality of output the enterprise has been revitalizing the previous operation, organizational structure and management system in to “2RN SOLOMON furniture & wooden products enterprise” in 2007.

The result has been steady infusion of new efficiencies into our production processes and distinctly African flavor into our designs. Our new, system of operation expanded facility was designed and constructed to accommodate a leading-edge design and manufacturing especially in solid wooden products, MDF and semisolid items.

Today, “2RN SOLOMON furniture wooden products enterprise” altered the quality, productivity, and profitability of the furniture and wooden products business and set the company he founded on a long and successful path. The enterprise now a distinguished provider of African and European style inspired office furnishing, household items and different types of wooden products for comfortable use. The enterprise theessayclub.com advanced production processing capabilities and time-tested principles makes us an ideal partner for users in a broad array of individual customers, industries and institutions.

In the end, although we live in the present and work hard to excel each day, we believe our ultimate responsibility is to our children and to the world they will inherit.